our story

Our story began in the loveliest village on the plains in 2015. Always looking for excuses to talk to each other, we finally exchanged phone numbers when the marching band truck backed into Jamie’s car, and I had to break the news to her. A beautiful friendship blossomed from then on.

Months of going back and forth went by, and all of our friends will tell you that we were being “ridiculous.” One even once said “I’ll see y’all at your wedding!” At band camp of summer 2016, our marching band  director gave his annual spiel that some of us might be in the same room as our future spouse. Jamie vividly remembers looking at me and thinking, “that’s my future husband.”

We eventually decided to give dating a chance and discovered that we were truly meant for each other, and we’ve been happy together ever since.  We’ve been on a few adventures together, and are looking forward to exploring the world and enjoying the purpose of our marriage that God has brought together.